Vacuum Cleaner - American Micronic India

Vacuum Cleaner

Superior Quality Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters for a clean and healthy home. Remove dirt, pet hair, tough stains, etc with complete ease.

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OTG - American Micronic India


Safe and energy efficient modern design OTGs to bake delicacies at home. Available in eight different capacities.

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Pressure Washer - American Micronic India

Pressure Washer

Revolutionary high pressure home and car washer. It has a multi-function nozzle that is designed for a wide variety of cleaning jobs.

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Water Heater - American Micronic India

Water Heater

Only Premium quality water heater in India with three energy saving power modes.

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Air Fryer - American Micronic India


Fryer as a healthier alternative to fried food. You can now enjoy your oil free chips, snacks, fries, meat etc without any guilt.

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Smoothie Maker - American Micronic India

Smoothie Maker

Make way for a healthy and nutritious lifestyle with our compact smoothie maker with tritan jars and superfast motor.

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Toaster - American Micronic India


Stainless steel insulated toaster with variable temperature, automatic safety shut off and 7 step browning control.

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Barbeque Griller - American Micronic India

Barbeque Griller

Electric barbeque griller with toughened glass, non-stick grill plate and pull out oil box.

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Hand Mixer - American Micronic India

Hand Mixer

A culinary magic wand known for its ease of use, flexibility and offering a certain portability.

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Air Purifier - American Micronic India

Air Purifier

A compact Air purifier with multi-stage filtration system to get rid of suspended particulates, allergens, dust, smoke, gasses etc.

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Pedestal Fan - American Micronic India

Pedestal Fan

A perfect blend of performance and quality. Pedestal fans designed especially for Indian conditions to withstand a wide range of voltage fluctuations

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Coffee Maker - American Micronic India

Coffee Maker

A must-have kitchen appliance to churn out delicious coffee in your preferred taste in no time.

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Digital Cooker - American Micronic India

Digital Cooker

An automatic kitchen appliance that helps you cook rice and other tasty steamed dishes without any hassles.

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