42 Litres OTG with Rotisserie and Convection 2000W


42 Litre OTG is a powerful, durable and fully functional appliance built to fit right into a contemporary household. It is designed with toughened glass door, four heating elements and an efficient control panel to make your cooking experience pleasant and hassle free. It can be used to cook or heat food items quickly and efficiently.


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Key Features

This oven is equipped with a glass door that maintains heat, making it efficient to cook.

The OTG is combined with an adjustable temperature control system and a heating system. It has pre-set modes for a wide range of food recipes

This OTG comes with an automatic timer switch that sets the device to accurately cook according to the recipe and saves energy.

Technical Specifications



1 Year

Technical specifications

Power Input

Max Power


230V 50Hz

2000 Watts

42 Litres

Weight and dimensions

Weight of product

Dimensions of product

11 kg 300 g

60 x 51 x 40 cm




Stainless Steel

Black & Steel