Pressure Washer with variable Spray Nozzle


American Micronic’s revolutionary high pressure home and car washer helps you do a quick and efficient cleaning job in less time with minimal effort. With its multi-function nozzle that is designed for a wide variety of cleaning jobs you can also clean other surfaces like courtyards, roofs and terraces. With its sturdy wheels and easy-fold handle make this a portable device. The quick-connect fittings help you save time while changing nozzles, and the auto stop function helps you save energy and prolong motor life.


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Key Features

High performance copper motor with metal gears & pump and Pressure of 140 bar.

1700W Max. powerful copper motor & with Max flow rate 390L/hour (6.5L/min).

High Efficiency spray gun with Adjustable spray Nozzle.

Water Inlet quick connector with Hose Length: 6 meters.

Technical Specifications



1 Year

Technical specifications

Power Input

Max Power

Max Pressure

230V 50Hz

1700 Watts

140 Bar

Weight and dimensions

Weight of product

Dimensions of product

6.900 Kg

41.3 x 26.5 x 34 Cm





Orange & Black